Icon Systems Provide an Automation Trainings

ICONSYSTEMS provides trainings in the field of process automation for engineers, application developers, operation personnel. Our trainers are expert with hands-on project management and execution experience under their belt. We offer training on site at your facility, at ICONSYSTEMS training center, or on-line.
Our Learning Paths incorporate complete topology of process automation, from field to enterprise management level. Our courses should be taken to learn how to perform design and development functions on worlds known vendors such as ABB, Siemens, Allen Bradley, FATEK, Mitsubishi and Wonderware.
We have excellent training equipments, our hardware trainers not only demonstrate processes physically but also designed to scale down the real world industrial processes.

Course No Training Description Software Type Duration Pre-Requsite Lecture + Lab Duration Timings
1 SIEMENS S7-300 Simatic Manager/TIA Portal 32 hour ---- 3 Hours Morning, Evening
2 Industrial Automation(PLC-HMI) TIA Portal,S7-1200,Wounderware Intouch 40 hour ------- 3 Hours Morning, Evening
3 SIEMENS S7-400 Simatic Manager/TIA Portal 32 hour ----- 3 Hours Morning, Evening
4 Satcon 200 DOX4/DOX10/Satine 32 hour ---- 3 Hours Morning, Evening
5 ABB 800m Compact Controle Bulider 32 hour ---- 3 Hours Morning, Evening
6 Wounderware Intouch Wounderware Intouch 50 hour ---- 3 Hours Morning, Evening

Customized Training

Our trainings programs target the mainstream processes, we realize that some customers situations are unique and may particularly need a more focused approach, which is why we offer tailored courses based on YOUR plants specific automation equipment and issues.
  1. Administration
  3. Control Network

Course Objective

The objective of this Industrial training course is to take the student from a beginner to Medium level. Students will learn PLC programming languages, HMI & SCADA and its properties. They will gain a working knowledge of digital and analog inputs and outputs, timers, counters and Controllers. Upon completion of the course the student is expected to design, specify, and install medium level PLC HMI systems.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
  1. PLC interfacing techniques
  2. Navigate through the PLC software
  3. Transfer, monitor, and run simulated, live projects
  4. Interpret ladder logic programs
  5. Understanding of programming tools and its application
  6. Make changes to hardware and programs as specified by others


  1. Introduction to Industrial Controls Systems
  2. Introductions to PLCs
  3. IEC61131-3 Standard Overview
  4. PLC operations
  5. Hardware over view and selection parameters
  6. Training equipment
  7. Programming software
  8. Basic instructions set
  9. Downloading, testing and debugging
  10. HMI Designing
  11. SCADA system architecture

Participant profile

  1. This training is targeted to Professionals, Engineers, Faculty Members and Students

Software Tools

  1. Siemens TIA Portal
  2. Wounderware Intouch
  3. Kepserver OPC


  1. S7-1200 Hardware

Course type and methods

This is an instructor led course with interactive classroom discussions and associated lab exercises. Approximately 60% of the course is hands-on lab activities.

Course duration

The duration is 20 Hours, Each session will consist of one and half hour of lecture followed by two and half hour of lab work.
Day 1
  1. - Introduction to Industrial Control Systems
  2. - IEC Standard Overview
  3. - Introduction to PLCs
  4. - Hardware and Selection Parameters
Day 2
  1. - TIA Portal
  2. - Project Handling
  3. - Hardware Configurations
  4. - Basic Instruction Set
Day 3
  1. - Function Block Diagram
  2. - Ladder Diagram
  3. - Structural Control Logic
  4. - Downloading/Testing Debugging
Day 4
  1. - Introduction to HMI
  2. - Wounderware Intouch
  3. - HMI Designing
Day 5
  1. - HMI Designing
  2. - OPC Connectivity using KEPServer
  3. - Intro to SCADA Systems
  4. - SCADA basic elements

Registration and Course Fee

  1. For Professionals: 15000/-
  2. For Students: 12000/-

Company Profile

ICONSYSTEMS, established on the pillars of more than 20 years of experience, is leader in industrial automation services and solutions. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, the company also have partner office in Lillestrøm, Norway.
We offer highly qualified consultancy for Industrial Process Controls based on to PLCs, HMI, SCADA and Customized Intelligent Automation Systems. ICONSYSTEMS combine proven proficiency in advanced aspects of Automation and Control engineering. We have executed numerous projects in Process Controls, Monitoring and Data acquisition to various Process Industries across the globe. be fill